EpicurusGPT beta

Check out the beta version of EpicurusGPT - an interactive chatbot for learning about AI in the food industry. The name was inspired by the Greek Philosopher Epicurus famous for his wisdom on food. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

R&D Investment Trends Dashboard

Note: To compare multiple companies, go to the filter in the upper right hand corner, hold control and select the companies you'd like to compare.

Notes: Top 20 food and beverage companies based on annual sales were identified from this 2021 article in Food Engineering. Companies with publicly reported revenue and/or sales and R&D spend data in annual reports (12) were included in the data presented in the above dashboard. Data for Kraft Heinz includes data from 2011-2013 from Kraft Foods, Inc before it became Kraft Heinz. Revenue and R&D spend data in $USD, not adjusted for inflation. Foreign currency conversions based on a 12-month averages as reported from